Sep 16
Sep 4

Some abstract collages from a while back (Sorry the quality of the photos are a little bit crap).

Sep 3

Some disposables of nice light from when I camped up in the Wicklow Mountains with Pearl. 

Jun 23

Summer sketches.

Jun 9

I came across the best looking bathroom today.

Jun 8

Evening light shining through attic windows. 

Jun 6

I’m trying to put myself out of my comfort zone and am doing an entire notebook of patterns. 

Jun 3

Recent abstract stuff using all the scrap paper I’ve accumulated over the year - it’s really fun to be doing personal stuff not in a notebook. 

Jun 3

I tried the challenge of filling an entire sketchbook in an hour after meaning to do for a few months. I ended up taking an hour and a half to do this because I had no idea how to judge the time but it was still a really good exercise. It forces your brain to make images in a way you normally wouldn’t and to try out the most arbitrary ideas that come into your head. I’m waffling here sorry but above is a video of said notebook - a lot of stuff in it pretty crap but there’s also a lot of stuff that I’m the happiest with work I have been in a while.

Jun 3

Hello dear friend & followers. After my blog being named objectified for the last 4 years I’ve finally decided to change it as it doesn’t feel relevant to what it meant when I first called it that (a blog which objectified my life [obvs]). Renaming it jmesmyth it is also hopefully an impetus for me to post more stuff seeing as I’ve been so slack recently - I only posted once in May and twice in April. Hopefully they’ll also be more photograph and video posts as well. Finally I’ve done up the look of jmesmyth to look all nice and fancy so go have a gander if you want. Please don’t unfollow me because you have no idea who I am because my URL has changed as I have done to other people on countless times. Peace out tumblr and live life strong & hard xox